What is Rux?

  • Hey Rux, the AI ChatGPT Robot is here! @LetianpaiGlobal

    Rux Robot Review … the future is calling! Over the last few years, artificial intelligence (AI) has exploded across the globe that has seen smart technology take leaps and bounds. One such technology is ChatGPT which has…

  • Sharing of atolovisuals-She’s my cute desktop ai robot

    Unboxing something a little different today. Say hi Rux! She’s my cute desktop ai robot. Im still discovering all the fun things she can do. Hopefully I can take her advice lol. Currently on Indiegogo with a…

  • Zein Cheaib’s Sharing on Letianpai Rux Robot

    Rux has built-in ChatGPT, which allows for direct large model conversations and is the first product to apply GPT to robots.. And it has 4 cliff sensors, which can prevent the robot from falling directly onto the…